Winter Break

You have finally finished exams and your holiday shopping, and you are on your way home for great food and relaxation. In fact, you could be categorized as a professional at this. You catch up on all the sleep you missed throughout the semester, you get together with high school friends, you watch tons of TV shows and movies, and read your favorite magazines. But your winter break needs to be much more than this! Here are some additional things you should be doing over the break:

  • Use winter break to make some extra money. Stores generally hire extra employees during the holiday season. You can be a seasonal worker to make some extra cash for the school year.
  • Update your resume. Now is the time to update your GPA and activities, or make a resume in the first place.
  • Create a sample cover letter. If you write a general cover letter or two, it won’t be as stressful when you have to actually send one in during the school year. Just update a bit and you are done!
  • Research job/internship opportunities. Be the first to apply and have the best cover letter and resume because you spent time during winter break working on it.
  • Practice interview questions. Think about what questions interviewers might ask you and how you might answer. Being prepared can make the difference.


You don’t have to be productive ever minute of every day during winter break, but devoting a few hours each week to preparing for your future could set you apart from your classmates and help you get that job/internship that you really want.

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