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The Internet: Friend or Foe?

No question about it. The internet is a tremendous resource, especially for students looking forward to starting great careers. Not only is the web a great reference tool for your studies, it is the fastest and most convenient source for the latest company information, job postings and other information you need in the job search. You can easily do research on half a dozen potential employers in one evening, without ever leaving your room – something totally unimaginable just a few years ago.

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College Success – Pursue Excellence in Extracurricular Activities

YOUR Top 5 College Success Secrets

What are YOUR top 5 college success secrets? We’ve been sharing our college success tips with you, but now it’s your turn. We’re challenging current college students, parents, and educators to give us their thoughts on college success!

So want to give us your opinions? Email me– grace (at) makecollegecount (dot) com. If we like your submission, we’ll post it right here on the College Success Blog! (Please note: all submissions will be screened for appropriateness for the site)

We look forward to sharing your collective wisdom!

Participation Makes the Difference

Of course, showing up to class is one of the most important college tips that you can receive, but making college count is much more than just being present in class. Some classes in college have a participation component. The professor might encourage feedback from students during class. You may have to discuss the reading you had to do for homework, or participate in a class policy discussion. Take a closer look at your syllabus. Chances are there is a breakdown of the grading in the class and part of it (especially for smaller classes) is a participation component. This component of grading is no joke. It can take you from a B to an A or, from a B to a C, depending on whether you participate or not. Because of this importance, class participation is key to college survival. Read more

A Minor May Make A Major Difference

If choosing a major isn’t tough enough, what about a minor? Minors are not available in all programs, but where they are offered, they open one more opportunity to differentiate your academic record from those of your classmates and make college count.

The greatest impact of a minor is that it allows you to demonstrate your interest and proficiency in more than one subject. If you’re a Computer Science major with an Ecology minor, you project a very different image than if you took only technical courses. The Ecology minor tells prospective employers that you can do much more than crunch code. Read more