Staying Healthy in College

Maybe you had a great exercise and healthy-eating habit in high school. Maybe you are looking to start a new, healthier lifestyle in college. Whatever your background, you can avoid the freshman 15 or even slim down while getting your education. Here are some tips for staying healthy in college.


  • Eat breakfast. Let’s face it. For most college students, getting up early enough to stop by the cafeteria for breakfast just isn’t going to happen. So many will just skip breakfast all together. This is a bad idea. It’s a fact that breakfast is important and can help your brain and body in many ways. So each night when at the dining hall for dinner, pick up a piece of fruit or fill a plastic baggie with cereal to munch on while on your way to class the next morning. It does not cost anything extra or take up any extra time in the morning. It’s the perfect solution, especially for students living on campus.
  • Exercise. That great new gym your campus built probably sees a lot of action in January for resolutions and just before spring break, but it might not be so full the rest of the semester because students are busy and have other things to do. But did you know that you can get good exercise without having to go to the gym? On a nice day, walk to class instead of taking the campus transit bus. Things you already have in your room can be used for exercise. You can lift your backpack full of books or do yoga in your room. There are tons of tips and videos online about exercising in your room. Search for them and commit to exercising a bit each day.
  • Eat normally. Temptations abound in a campus cafeteria. You can have all the desserts you want and eat fries and pizza every day, multiple times a day. But if you were not in the dining hall, would you do that normally? Sure you may have pizza once or even twice a week, but you probably did not have it every day. Think about a cafeteria like you would eating at home or at a restaurant. You don’t have to go back for seconds, thirds, fourths or fifths just because it is there. You don’t have to eat pizza every day just because it is there. And if you don’t like some of the options at the different stations, mix and match. You don’t have to have fries with you hamburger. You can just as easily have a salad. Think about what you would eat normally in a week and try to adhere to that in the dining hall.
  • Go to the doctor. Chances are, you are going to get sick at least once in your college career. College students are notorious for putting off going to the doctor until they can barely walk out of their room because they are so sick. You know what healthy feels like and what it feels like when you are sick. When you feel yourself getting sick, just go to the doctor before things get worse. And commit to getting plenty of rest until you feel better. You will only be worse if you push yourself too far. For those who complain about their student health center—you don’t have to go there. Find a doctor in town that you like. It probably costs the same and may even save a bit of time.


Just because you are on a college campus, does not mean you can’t be healthy. Follow these tips for staying healthy in college and you are on your way. I anticipate this will be an ongoing series, so check back for more tips for healthy living in college!

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