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“O’Brien’s insights into college students, as well as his ability to relate to them, are magical and inspiring. This book captures the best of O’Brien’s motivational message, and it’s a must-read for young people, as well as anyone who works with or lives with them.”

—Roger L. Jenkins, Ph.D.,

Dean and Professor of Marketing

Farmer School of Business, Miami University


“As a former student of Professor O’Brien and current protégé, I can vouch for the fact that the advice he presents in his book has helped me tremendously through my progression from undergraduate to management consultant and now business school student with a future that is seemingly boundless.”

—Justine Lelchuk, Co-President,

Harvard Business School Student Association

2011 MBA Candidate


“The pace of the business world is accelerating and uncertainty is a growing challenge. Getting off to a fast start is critical. You will need to be a self-starter who leads, collaborates, and is agile from day one. ‘Making College Count’ offers sound advice on how to build and demonstrate skills that will help you excel in any organization.”

—Scott Isenhart, Senior Recruiting Manager

Procter & Gamble North American Talent Supply


“‘Making College Count’ provided me with an actionable plan that worked. I followed the advice throughout college, landed a position at a Fortune 100 company, and received four promotions in less than four years out of college.”

—Maria Rivlin, Product Director

Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company


“Every year at freshman orientation, all of our incoming student-athletes hear me quote from this book. And every year at graduation, I see many studentathletes that listened.”

—Ric Coy, Assistant Director

Student Services, UCLA Athletics


“As an incoming freshman, I found this book to be very informative and useful as I venture to the next step of obtaining my degree. I think I will have a great advantage relative to my classmates after learning many new tips, such as, taking notes-notes. Every high school senior and incoming college freshman should have this book to refer to as they continue their education.”

– Kellan Zurawski

Incoming Freshman, Ohio State University


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