Portfolios Aren’t Just for Art Majors

When I think of a portfolio, I think of those black booklets that artists carry around with copies of their work in it. But portfolios are not just for art majors anymore. Of course, during college, everyone hears about the importance of a resume, but beyond a listing of what you did in college, examples of that work are valuable too. Just as artists can’t just apply for a showing at a gallery without showing samples of their work, college students need to be able to show what they did with their time on campus too. So here is my college success tip– anything that you are proud of should go in your personal portfolio. Whenever you get a paper that you do well on, put it in your portfolio. And I’m not saying just print a second copy of it, I’m talking about the actual physical copy with your professor’s comments on it. It looks much more impressive that way. If you published an editorial in the student newspaper, put it in your portfolio. Design a flier for the pre-law student fundraiser—include it. Anything that you do during college that can be recorded in tangible form from a nice email from a professor praising your work ethic to a research project you did for your student job should be included.


If you do the work as you go to ensure that everything is included in your college portfolio, you will be on your way to making college count where it is most important—helping you get a job after graduation.

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