Popcorn Can Lead to College Success


A mentor of mine tells the story of when she was in college and how her friends knew exactly what was best for her at one point while she was in college. I thought I would share this story to give you some perspective on the importance of maintaining a school/work/personal life balance.


My mentor, Sally let’s call her, was the quintessential overachieving college student. She served in the student government, held leadership positions is numerous campus organizations, had wonderful grades, and everyone loved her. It is the college experience anyone hopes for. But with this fury of activity taking up most of her time, it seemed that she did not have any time for herself.

So one night, she came home from one of her many meetings and saw, taped to her bedroom mirror, a bag of popcorn and written on her mirror the words “We are watching a movie at 9 tonight. You are coming. No excuses.” It was signed by her roommates. Sally says she just stood there a while staring into the words on the mirror, thinking of how important the relationships are that she had been forming while in college. She knew, at that moment, that college success is more than just what you achieve in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. Sally rediscovered the importance of scheduling into her busy week time for herself and her friends.


So as you try to navigate college, remember that college success has three essential components: classroom success, extracurricular activity success, and personal success. Without balancing these three things, you risk not having a great network of friends to support you in your successes and failures, both inside and outside the classroom.


Sure, achieving college success by following the Winning Strategies in the best college success book, Making College Count, can help you get a great job after graduation, but don’t lose sight of yourself and your friends in the process.

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