Own Your College Choice Part Two

Yesterday I talked about how your college choice can impact your college success based on some factors like academic programs, campus activities, and even college location. Here are some more of my thoughts on how you can own your college choice.

Take it from me, don’t go to a college just because your girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend is going there. Chances are, you could end up miserable and at a school you never would have gone to if you had your own free choice, outside the influence of your significant other/best friend. College should be a place you attend because it will make you happy to be there, not just because one person there will make you happy. You don’t want anything to hinder you from making the most out of your college experience, whether it is enjoying a new big city, being able to participate in tons of extracurricular activities, or just making lots of new friends. Make your own college choice. If your friends/significant other really cares about you, he or she will understand and support your decision, no matter where you end up going.


The same is true if you go to a school where you would not be happy, but you know it is where your parents want you to go. Of course, you should respect your parents when they give you guidelines for the college search process, like how much money they can contribute toward your education and the like, but be sure that you are the driver of this college selection vehicle. Listen to your parents as they give you suggestions, because they just want what is best for you, but also share your dreams/desires. Your parents love you and will respect your decision.


And once your decision is made, celebrate it! You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, and you should take a well-deserved break before high school final exams and the busy summer you have planned before you head off to college.

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