Own Your College Choice Part One

Can your college choice impact your college success? We’ve posted about the recent chatter regarding why it is what you do in college, not where you go, that spells out college success, but what about choosing a school for another reason? Here’s my two cents worth.

I think that there are other mistakes you can make when choosing a college in addition to choosing one just based on the name and reputation. For instance, of course, if you want to be a meteorologist and the school that you go to does not have one class in meteorology, then that is a problem. You need to pay attention to the academic programs a college offers and make sure they align with your goals for college. This means selecting a school with a good meteorology program if that is what you want to study, or if you are unsure, picking a school with a good general studies curriculum so you can explore several subjects before deciding exactly what you want to major in.


But don’t just look at the academic programs. A school might have a great program in digital art, but be in a location you could not see yourself spending four years in. Don’t forget that it gets really hot and humid in Florida, for instance, and really cold in South Dakota. If you can’t deal with that, then the college is probably not for you. Think about it this way—what will the weather be like at its worst? Can you handle that? If not, the college is not for you. Don’t forget that while Florida might be great in the winter, you have to put up with the hot summers too. Also, look at things like what kind of city or town the college is located in. If you want a college experience where the city in which you live consists mainly of the college campus, then a college with an urban campus is probably not for you and vice versa.


Look at the kinds of campus activities you can participate in, too. If you really love playing golf, you might want to see if a college you are interested in has a golf course or has a deal for discount rounds at a local course. Do you want to be a part of a campus radio station? Make sure that the college you are looking at has one.


If you know what you are looking for, your college search and selection can lead to college success! You can own your college choice by making sure that your college fits your ideas of what you want out of your college experience. Come back tomorrow for part two of how to own your college choice.

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