Not Again Part 1

We are swiftly approaching the high school graduation gift season. And while students all secretly hope for mounds of cash to be thrown their way by relatives and family friends, those same relatives and family friends are wondering if the student will know if they re-gifted that photo album they never used after receiving last Christmas.

While students will always appreciate any gift in recognition of this important time of transition in their lives, on behalf of those students around the nation, please put some thought into the gift-giving this year.

Chances are, most college-bound students will get gifts that are considered “original” and will help them as they prepare to go off to college. The problem is, everyone thinks of the same things. Because of this, gifts of shower caddies, photo albums, and bath towels will cover the rooms of high school graduates. “They are useful,” you will say, and while they are, unless we can return the multiples to a local store and get something else we actually need, they are kind of useless to us.

So here are some ideas I came up with as things I would have liked getting as a high school graduation gift.

1.  Rain boots– Call them galoshes; call them rain boots; call them wellies; but whatever you call them, they are very useful for a college student. Most college campuses require students to walk around outside to get to class. Inevitably, it is going to rain. This is more or less true depending on where the student is enrolled, but speaking from experience, it is miserable to walk around with soaking shoes, socks and pants. After my first semester, I learned my lesson and bought some rain boots myself—it would have been great to have had them all along.

2.  Making College Count— So it may be lame to put the book this website is about in my list, but if you are looking to give something useful for a student’s college success, this is it. More than essentials like towels and sheets, which a student can get from anyone, Making College Count helps students learn to set themselves up for success both in college and beyond.

Check in tomorrow for the last three high school graduation gift ideas and be sure to share yours in the comments below!

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