Not Again Part 2

Yesterday we began a series of the top five gifts to give during the high school graduation gift season.  Don’t give a gift that the student will get tons of, give something original and helpful!

Here are ideas 3 through 5 I came up with as things I would have liked getting as a high school graduation gift.

3.  Jump drive– Again, this goes by many names—thumb drive, jump drive, memory stick, etc., but the principle is still there. College students need a convenient place to store electronic information so they can carry it around with them. I even encountered a class that required it. Though I had one, it did not have a big enough capacity to meet the requirement, so I had to go out and buy one. It would have been great (saving me time and money) not to have had to worry about getting one.

4.  Academic planner– One of the best high school graduation gifts I received was an academic planner. I would have thought that this gift would have been more popular, but I suppose everyone thinks that it is too common so that no one ends up giving it as a gift. The academic planner I got had blanks for each hour of the day plus a section below each day for notes. There are other kinds too, like ones with large spaces for each day or pages that display the entire month at a glance. Whatever type you get, be sure that there is room to write down assignments and meetings. Without my planner I would have been lost and probably would have failed a few classes without those written reminders of when my assignments were due. And you never know what might happen to electronic planners or calenders, so I am still a proponent of the old-school pen and paper planners.

5.  Padfolio– You know what I am talking about—those thin binder looking things that encase your legal-pad style notebook. It seems like all the important people carry them, from the White House Press Secretary to campus administrators. Getting a college-bound student a padfolio with the school crest on it will prepare him or her for the future because most students will take them when they go on job interviews, but for now they can just look important going to a meeting on campus.

Now you should be equipped to get a high school graduation gift that students will really use!

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