Facebook has a news feed, Twitter has a timeline, your smart phone apps tell you the latest celebrity gossip…so you’re set! Right? Almost. You are in college and looking for the ideal internship or job after graduation, or you are in high school preparing for your admissions or scholarship interview. No matter what your situation, you need to pay attention to the national and world news!

Here are some suggestions for you to be able to catch up on what’s going on in the world around you without interfering with your busy schedule.

  • Download a podcast. Listen to it on your walk to class, your drive to campus, or your bus ride to the student center.
  • Read a newspaper. It’s not old fashioned, it’s a celebration of a tradition in news. Read it on the campus bus or while on the elliptical at the gym.
  • Watch a broadcast online. The traditional evening news broadcasts are now online on their websites. Watch it while getting ready in the morning or while eating lunch.
  • Read the news online. Go to your favorite news site online and read the headlines from the past day.
  • Watch a traditional news broadcast on television. Turn on the news while you are getting ready in the morning or when you get home in the afternoon for a little break before you do your homework. Your gym may even have the news on the TVs there.
  • Listen to the news on the radio. Tune in on your way to class or sports practice, or listen before you go to bed.

Don’t forget to follow your local news too. You can get it from most of the forms listed above. If you keep up with the news, not only will you feel smarter, but you can impress your interviewers and increase your chances of getting that ideal job or scholarship.

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