New Semester’s Resolutions

So you are back for another semester.  You have made your New Year’s Resolutions to exercise more, eat less late night pizza, get together with old friends more often, and call your mom at least once a week.  But what resolutions are you making that will help you toward your college success?  The book Making College Count contains great tips and tricks to help you through a new semester, so get the book today!  (It also makes a great high school graduation gift for your friends about to join you as collegians.)  But until your book comes in, here are some resolutions you can make to help you on your journey to college success.

  • Spend a portion of each weekend reviewing your notes from the previous week.  It will help you remember what you learned and point out what you may need to study more or ask your professor about in office hours.
  • Related to the first point, go to your professor’s office hours at least twice this semester.  Why not let the first visit be to introduce yourself? That way, you will already have a relationship with your professor so when you need help, it will be easier to go to him/her.
  • If you use a laptop to take notes, resolve not to check the internet while in class.  Don’t even leave the internet connected–it’s too tempting. Disconnect before class and you can reconnect when it’s done.
  • No texting/checking your phone in class.  Unless you are expecting a very important call, or have a relative who is ill, don’t look at your phone during class.
  • Get a mentor.  If you don’t have a professor or professional in the field you want to enter who you can go to for letters of recommendation and general advice, find a favorite professor or someone you liked working with during your summer internship and ask them to be your mentor.  Even if they don’t have the time, they will likely be able to recommend someone great for you.
  • Start looking for jobs and internships now! Many deadlines for summer programs are approaching quickly, and for permanent employment, the sooner the better. Get your resume and cover letter together and start filling out those applications.

Just as you make resolutions for yourself in the new year, make them for your academic career, too.  With these New Semester’s Resolutions, you will be on the way to college success before you know it!

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