Interview Attire Part 2-Women


Just as dressing the part is important in the workplace, it is also very important in the interview. Err on the side of caution and wear a suit instead of more casual attire. You never know what a potential employer will want to see!


  • Women: Just as I advised men to wear a power suit, the same holds true for women. This is probably not the time to pull out something with crazy patterns and colors. Understand the difference between a work suit and a pageant suit. And for your interview, wear a work suit.


  • Many women struggle with whether they should wear a skirt or pants. Really, it depends on the geographic region. Pants or skirt are usually fine anywhere, but sometimes in the South and Midwest skirts are preferred. The best thing to do is ask someone you know from the area or someone who successfully interviewed there recently because it can vary from place to place and position to position.


  • If you choose to wear a skirt, then you will also have to determine whether you should wear pantyhose/stockings. Again, preferences vary from place to place. For a more conservative area or position, you should probably consider hose. People probably won’t fault you for wearing them, but might fault you if you don’t. Again, ask around to find out.


  • Before you go to your interview, try on your suit. Were you a couple of sizes smaller when you bought it and now the buttons are struggling? Do the sleeves come down to your knuckles? If so, consider getting your suit tailored or getting a new, better fitting suit. Also, sit down. Does your skirt ride up a bit too high? Can you see things you shouldn’t? Does your shirt come un-tucked when you sit? Be sure your skirt is not too short when you are standing either. Generally it should be knee length.


  • Shoes, are of course, important. This is not the time to bring out the shoes you would wear to the bar or club. This is the time for pumps. And don’t get the really high ones either. Again, go for conservative. Open toe is a no no, too. And no weird colors, either.


  • The shirt you wear under your suit jacket should be appropriate, too. Make sure it is not too low cut, tight or too loud. Traditionally a solid or light print is best.


  • You may want to go easy on the perfume. You never know who will be allergic to the scent or who just won’t like it. Don’t let the way you smell get in the way of your otherwise wonderful interview.


  • Be sure your hair is nice. Don’t just carelessly put it in a ponytail. Put some effort in doing your hair, but don’t do some prom do either.


  • Observe the “5″ rule when it comes to jewelry. One ring + one watch + one necklace + two earrings (one in each ear). Sure, some places may be less conservative than this, but when in doubt, only wear five pieces of jewelry.


This concludes the advice on what to wear to help translate your college success into interview success by dressing appropriately for your interview. Add your own advice in the comments section!

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