In College, Attitude Is Everything

When I was younger, my mom always told me that “attitude is everything.” I didn’t like it when she said that because it was her not-so-subtle way of telling me I was out of line. But as I have gotten older, I now realize just how true that statement is. One of the most amazing things I have observed in life is that those who have a good outlook on things seem to be pretty happy. Sure, not everything is going their way, but they are happy about the stuff that is and are trying to make changes for the better every day. And, on the other hand, those I see who think that everything “sucks” (read with a giant sigh directed toward the world in general) are usually right. So what’s the difference between the satisfied person and the Debbie Downer? Attitude.

Now, I am not advocating that you just ignore bad things and pretend that they are not there. That could work to your detriment if you viewed a test or paper this way. But I am saying, have a positive outlook and everything will look better. Sure it is no fun to study when you would much rather be throwing a football on the quad, but think about it this way—you are in college, an opportunity not everyone gets.


By observing successful students, I learned that in college those students with lofty goals and a positive outlook on the college experience tend to succeed, if only because they convert that positive energy into the willpower to succeed.


So here’s my tip for college successif you have the right attitude, you can do almost anything.

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