Graduation Prep

Chances are you’ve already purchased/rented your cap and gown and are getting ready to send out your graduation invitations. You may even be planning graduation parties and are looking forward to some graduation gifts. Or you may be the friend of a soon-to-be graduate. You could be the one receiving the graduation invitation, throwing the graduation party or the one having to purchase the graduation gifts.

This post is my advice for those who fall in the friends of the graduate category. While a graduation party can be a lot of fun, another integral component is the party favor you give. In the past I have gotten everything from a hat, a pen, and a t-shirt as a gift. But this year, you have another option.


Making College Count makes a great high school graduation party gift (and a good high school graduation gift in general) because it provides tips and tricks for achieving college success. It is written to address the current demands on college students, covering everything from study tips to how to avoid wasting too much time on the internet when you should be studying.


So this year, give a high school graduation party gift students will actually get some use out of—give Making College Count!

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