How to Write a Graduation Gift Thank You Note

So you received a graduation gift. Now what? It’s time for the dreaded writing of the graduation gift thank you notes. Here are a few tips and tricks for writing an easy and customizable graduation gift thank you note.

  • Say “thank you”- It may sound silly, but in a graduation gift thank you note, you need to say “thank you.”

  • Include a listing of the gift- Somewhere in your graduation gift thank you note, you need to list the item you received. It can be as simple as “Thank you for the Starbucks gift card.” Or it can be more in-depth like “Thank you for thinking of me at this exciting time! I look forward to using my Starbucks gift card at the location in the student union building.”
  • Say something about the gift- Once you say “thank you” and mention the gift by name, your graduation gift thank you note should include a bit more information about the gift. You may want to talk about how you will use the gift, that you’ve never seen anything like it, that you have always wanted it, etc.
  • Have a sentence about your next steps- Graduation is an exciting time, whether you know what you will be doing or where you will be going next. A graduation gift thank you note should include brief information about that. You can either reflect on steps thus far or include a bit of information on what you have coming up.
  • Closing- Depending on who you are writing your graduation gift thank you note to, you may need to include a sentence specifically for them. If you are writing it to your aunt and she is coming to your graduation, you may need to say “I look forward to seeing you soon.” If your great uncle can’t make it, you may need to mention that you will miss seeing him. You get the idea.

That’s it. Writing a graduation gift thank you note is simple when you break it down, and can be personal if you include some information about the gift and the giver. Congratulations on your graduation and happy writing!

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