Go the Extra Mile with Extra Classes

Whether you care to admit it to your parents or not, some semesters are just not as academically demanding as others. Some schedules actually give you a little breathing room.


You need to make the most of these stretches, because they don’t come along very often. Light semesters provide a great chance to work toward college success as is often discussed in this blog. You can get involved in a club, take a part-time job, start searching for a killer summer job, or even start your own small business. There’s another option as well, one that few students take advantage: auditing classes.

Sure, it may sound a bit unnatural to attend classes for which you aren’t even registered, but give it some thought. Think ahead to job interviews during senior year. The question comes up: “what are you most proud of during your college career?” Your answer: “I’m really proud that on top of my good grades and extracurriculars, I audited four classes in psychology. I’ve always thought it was interesting but I didn’t have enough electives to take the classes for a grade. So I just sat in.” An answer like that is going to make you stand out as someone with a lot of curiosity and dedication. Employers love to find job candidates willing to go the extra mile on their own initiative.


Obviously, not every class will be available for audit. You’ll sometimes need the professor’s permission, and the most desirable classes may be off-limits altogether. But you could sit in on many of the larger lecture courses without objection from anyone. Even if you only catch some of the classes, think of all that you could learn while you develop a strong advantage in the interview process.


In particular, consider courses well outside your major. Try some architecture classes if you’re a computer science major, or Russian literature, or anatomy. Being well-rounded is a real positive.


So make the most of your light semesters. Instead of wasting time on Facebook, check out some sociology and see how it can help you on the path to college success and beyond!

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