Get Up and Go for College Success


There are very few things in life in which the difference between success and failure comes down to simply showing up. Just “being there” doesn’t typically get it done.


College is one of the places where “showing up” can make the difference for achieving college success. The reason for this is that many students don’t make it to class on a consistent basis. Given that, you can actually gain a “competitive advantage” relative to most by consistently going to class – by just physically being there.

If you’ve ever missed a class (and virtually everyone has), you’ve had to deal with one of a number of possible scenarios. Either you wasted time copying a friend’s notes the next day, forgot to do it and ended up having to chase down the notes the night before the test (a waste of tremendously valuable time and a real bother to your friend), or you ended up winging it.


If you do actually get the notes, you’re relying on someone else’s interpretation of the lecture. If he stayed mentally in the game for the entire class did he capture all the relevant points covered? If he had taken a similar class (that you had not), did he still write down content that he already knew from that other class? When the professor strongly hinted that something would be on the exam, did he highlight the point in a way that let you know that the question was coming? And, at a much more basic level, can you effectively read his chicken-scratch?


Getting the point?


There is no better way to do well on college level exams than to have a very clear grasp of the material covered in class. There is no better way to get a solid understanding of the subject matter than to actually be there.


So even if it hurts, get up and go – to class. It’s important for your college success.

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