Get a Planner


I know this is simple advice for high school and college students, but get a planner. I could not live without mine, and by live, I mean I would have missed assignments, class and activities without it. They come in many different types, sizes, colors and themes. You can get them at your campus supply store emblazoned with your school logo and colors, you can get it at the local bookstore, or order it from your favorite clothing designer.

Notice I did not say you should use the one on your phone or computer. While I understand how cool those are, if the internet or power fails, you are SOL (sorry out of luck). As old school as it is, a paper and pen planner is the best in my opinion.

Here are some tips on how to use your planner once you have one:

  • Use your class schedule as your bookmark. That way whenever you open to the right page, you also know your classes for the week. It is especially helpful at the beginning of the year when you are trying to figure out when and where you are supposed to be.


  • Write down all of your regular meetings, events, important dates, etc. at the beginning of the year so you don’t have to think about it again. Pull out your honor society meeting schedule and write it down in your planner. Same goes for your fraternity chapter meetings, school athletic events, or anything else you do on a regular basis. Also don’t forget to put in your mom’s birthday or the date of that concert you got tickets for months in advance!


  • Write down your assignments for class. If it is a long term assignment, go ahead and write goals and reminders each week until the due date. Be sure to highlight, circle, or mark in some other way big due dates!


  • Keep track of the fun stuff too. Go to dinner with a bunch of friends, which you did not plan? Write down in your planner afterward and your planner will double as a diary of sorts.


  • Carry it with you. What good is a planner if you don’t carry it with you. Take it to class, to meetings, or just to the library when you are studying. You never know when you will need it.


Be sure to look at your planner each evening before you go to bed so you will know what to expect from the coming day. With a properly utilized planner, you can be on your way to high school and college success!

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