Follow Up With Substance

You’ve worked hard to achieve college success and now it is time to start working on finding permanent employment. The job interview goes well. You feel like you made a connection with the interviewer. But then, on your way out, you notice she has six more interviews scheduled after yours. How will she possibly remember you five hours later, or the next day when she decides whom to invite back for the second round? What can you do to help her remember the positive aspects of your interview?

The realities of modern technology have made the old fashioned snail mail thank you note a relatively ineffective tool. On the other hand, fax, e-mail, and internet technologies open the opportunity to make a very memorable impression after the interview ends.


If nothing else, you can email a quick note of thanks to your interviewer so it is waiting for her in her inbox. A more memorable choice may be to use the internet to find additional information on some topic that came up in the interview. If you interviewed for a job in the medical supply field, you could email excerpts from a current article on the cost of health care. In the investment field, coherent comments about recent stock market results may cause the interviewer to move your resume to the top of the stack. Likewise, the latest news on an innovative product may be interesting to a consumer goods manager.


This follow-up effort can be quite time consuming and unproductive if you’re not an experienced internet user. The more you know about finding timely and relevant information through news media and industry websites, the more ways you have to impress your potential employer, both during and after the interview. Logic is one of the Winning Characteristics all employers seek. This is a great way to demonstrate it.


Remember, technology provides some great new ways to say “thank you.”

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