Do a Non-Traditional College Visit Part Three

Continuing our series of ways to increase the value of your campus visit, here is part three of how to make the most of your college visit, the non-traditional way.

Have you ever heard the expression that showing up is half the battle? It is applicable to college too. Of course, you have to show up in the classroom to achieve college success, but you also have to be able to get to campus to go to class. How easy was it for you to get to your college visit? Is there an airport close to campus and transportation services to get you from the airport to your campus/dorm? Is the campus easy to drive to? If you hate flying, you might not want to consider a college that is so far away that you would have to fly to get home in any sort of time-effective manner. Also, if you won’t have a car on campus, either because you don’t have one or because your campus won’t allow it, can you still easily get around? As I mentioned yesterday, is there a grocery store near campus, or will you have to have a car to get where you need to go? If you won’t have a car, yet the only practical way to get around on a particular campus is by car, you might want to reconsider. And before you say but there’s always a Zipcar somewhere—that is not always the case in smaller towns.


Also, you will want to look into campus transportation. Does the college you are visiting offer a shuttle service to the local mall just in case you need it? Does it drive students to the airport before major school holidays? Can you get a ride from the library to your dorm on campus transit on a cold, rainy night? Knowing about the campus transportation system can make or break a college decision, especially if the absence of a transportation system will make it hard for you to get around the campus or mean that you are stuck on campus when you need to get into the community.


Don’t forget that you have to get to and around campus on your own when you get to college. So look into transportation to and from campus as well as within campus and the community while on your campus visit.


College success starts by just getting where you need to be, whether it’s getting from the airport or train station to your dorm or just from your classroom to the library. If you can’t get around your college campus, you cannot make college count. So take extra steps to ensure you can get where you need to be while on your non-traditional college visit.

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