Do a Non-Traditional College Visit Part Four

What can you do other than tour campus and sit in on a class to help you make the most out of your college visit? This series explores how to make your college visit non-traditional.


Do you love the idea of warmer temps and no snow during winter? Then you may think that a school in Florida is for you. But don’t forget that you have to deal with the heat and humidity of August if you go there, too. You may want to consider visiting campus at the most extreme that the weather can get, whether that be hot or cold, rainy or windy. If you are miserable touring, then you will probably be miserable as a student there, walking to and from class each day. The weather is something to consider when you are choosing a college, and testing it out while on your college visit can be a good idea.

Also while on campus, you might want to make a stop by the campus security or police office. No, I am not suggesting that you do something on your visit to get you in trouble with the law, but I am saying that talking to the people who work in campus security might be a smart idea. They should be able to provide you with a campus safety report and you can ask them questions about whether it is safe to walk from the library to your dorm, or if you should live on campus all four years because the surrounding community does not have the best safety record. While there are always things you can do to help keep yourself safe, you should consider what kind of environment you are putting yourself in and learn how to make it safer for you. If you are uncomfortable with the information (or lack thereof) you receive, you might want to think about that as you prioritize your list of schools you want to attend.


You can’t achieve college success in its highest degree if you are miserable because of the weather or if you are constantly looking over your shoulder because of safety concerns on campus. You have to be on campus at least four years, so you might as well be as happy with your situation as you can be. So do your homework before you even pay a tuition deposit. By making your college visit non-traditional, you can better determine what school is right for you.

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