Different is Better

When an employer needs to fill a position, recruiting a graduating college student is only one option. In fact, one may wonder why a manager would ever fill a job with a rookie when the market is full of experienced applicants.

Unfortunately, one answer is that you’re a “good value.” Simply put, they can pay you less. On the other hand, you have a powerful qualification that a seasoned veteran could never provide: lack of experience. That’s right, sometimes the less you know the better. By coming from outside an industry, you can provide fresh, innovative, unbiased insight and ideas that an experienced veteran would never even think of. You’ll never be accused of doing it the “same old way” because you may not even know what that old way is!


Fresh thinking and creative problem solving are primary ingredients of entrepreneurship, one of the key Winning Characteristics that all employers look for. Unfortunately it’s not enough to tell an interviewer that you have the innovative outlook of an entrepreneur; you’ll need to prove it through extracurricular or work experience. You’ll need to demonstrate that a group or project benefited specifically because of your input and involvement. Your college success can therefore help you get your dream job.


There are limitless opportunities to demonstrate entrepreneurship on campus. Every club or other organization needs fresh ideas to grow and improve. Just get involved in groups that interest you and look for problems that need solving. Run a fund-raiser for a local charity. Generate more advertising revenue for the campus paper. Convince the administration to increase funding for the jazz club. Upgrade the rush program at your fraternity to bring in more committed members. Organize a tutoring service on campus or with a local high school.


Make a difference in a campus activity and you’ll stand out from the crowd in the interview process. In this case, different is definitely better.

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