Dazzle them with Brilliance

Sure you’re smart. But can you prove it?


“Judgment Day” is coming – the day when you sit across the interview table from a potential employer. You’ll have 30 minutes or so to make a favorable impression on the interviewer, an impression strong enough to lead to additional interviews or even a job offer. Let’s face it, it’s a big deal.

One of the Winning Characteristics recruiters will be looking for is logic—or put more simply—thinking skills. They’ll want to know that when you need to make an important decision without complete information, you’ll be able to make smart, logical choices that benefit the firm.


How will the interviewer judge your brain power? Will she ask you: “Are you Smart?” Will she ask you a series of Jeopardy questions? Of course not. It’s difficult to ask any question that helps to evaluate logic. And being a good communicator alone is not enough to prove your mental abilities; we all know plenty of people who are much more eloquent than they are smart.


You may be surprised to know that most recruiters won’t even try to assess your thinking skills in the interview setting. Instead they’ll spend the precious interview time learning about your other skills such as leadership, creativity, and communication ability. They’ll want to know a lot about your work experience and extracurricular activities.


So how do recruiters judge your ability to think? They’ll use the best information they have available – your grade point average. That’s right, they’ll make very quick, yet very important judgments about your intellectual ability based entirely on your GPA. And you can bet they’ll look at a 2.2 with a bit more skepticism than a 3.4.


Do you ever have philosophical discussions about whether grades really matter? Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and it’s a pretty simple question to answer.


So, get the grades. They will ultimately help you get the job. Here’s the bottom line—college success can lead to a successful job search.

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