For Your College Search Process, Don’t Panic

Embarking on your college search can be scary, so here is some advice on handling it:

  • Don’t Panic- All you geeky types will be familiar with Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which tells us, “don’t panic.” The same is true whether your are traveling the galaxy or applying to college. There are so many great schools out there just waiting to be discovered and if push comes to shove and you don’t like the choice you make the first time, you can transfer.

  • Carry a Towel- Yes, another Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference. When traveling the galaxy, the Guide tells you to carry a towel because it can be so versatile—provide warmth, dry you off, signal for help, etc. Really, if you carry a towel, you are prepared for what comes your way. The same is true for the college search. Do your homework before applying to a college. Visit campus or do a virtual tour and generally do what you can to see if you will like the campus and college.


  • Use Your Resources- During the college search, you will have several resources at your disposal. Talk to your college counselor at your high school, go to the area college fair, talk to your friends who are in college now (but know that their experience might not be the same as yours), don’t be afraid to call the admissions office to ask questions, etc.


  • Don’t Look Back- Once you have made your decision, don’t look back. Don’t second guess your decision, and do everything you can to prepare for college success.

College can be one of the most exciting times for a student and the college search can be too if you follow this advice.

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