Avoid the Dreaded Social Section

It’s not your fault, you’re only human. Humans are social creatures, naturally drawn to other humans for comfort, camaraderie, and amusement. So it’s only natural that you’re drawn to the social center of the library.

Every library has one. You know where it is. Everybody knows where it is, and that’s the problem. It’s the section of the library where you go to make sure you don’t miss anything. It’s the dreaded social section.

And it’s a total waste of your time. The social section is a great place to see your friends and make new ones. But it’s a rotten place to study. Going to the library can become such a part of the routine that it’s easy to forget sometimes that the only rational reason set foot in the place is to study. If you want to have fun, stay out of the library. It’s probably one of the least fun buildings on campus. Go to the library only when you’re ready to study.

Though this college tip may be obvious, I’ll say it anyway. If you’re going to the library to study…study. Take full advantage of your time and stay in the most secluded, out-of-the-way spot. No matter how well you think you concentrate, you’ll get through more material and retain more by studying without distractions. In fact, you may even save enough time by studying in seclusion that you can make an occasional stop at the social section for a fifteen (not forty-five) minute break every couple hours. Go visit the socialites when your studying is done. You deserve it.

Another bad place to study is within 100 miles of anyone studying for the same test as you who knows less about the material than you do. If they wanted help, they should have asked 7 days before the test, not 7 hours. These people will be a complete drain on your time and energy and will add nothing to your own study effectiveness. Hide from them!

Sure, it may be human nature to hang out in the social section, but if you do, you may be back there a few days later talking with your friends about how poorly you all did on the big test. A large part of making college count is using the right college study skills to succeed. Studying in the right part of the library can help you in your quest for good grades and ultimately, college survival and college success!

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