Are you Fit for the Job?

Your first year of college is winding down. But really, you are just gearing up. You followed the advice in this blog by getting involved on campus, studying hard, and preparing for jobs and internships. As much as you tried, you just did not have as much time to stay physically fit as you hoped.

Just because you gained the “Freshman 15” does not mean that it’s over for you. The summer can be a good opportunity to reverse the trend and to make some money. There are many summer jobs that will allow you to get back into shape, pick up some spending money, and add a line to your resume.

Whether you are staying on your college campus or heading home, check out jobs that let you stay active during the summer. Many landscaping companies look for summer workers because summer is a busy season for them. Teach swimming lessons or work for a moving company; volunteer at a kid’s camp or work at a country club.

The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is take a little initiative and you will be back in fighting shape in no time. You’ll see that your summer job can be a good way to get fit too.

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