Advice for College Parents

So your child is going to college. Commence worry about everything from how to pay for it to will my child be able to adjust to the new environment and work load. Whether you went to college yourself or not, it is a new and different world out there, and chances are unless you are a college professor or have older children already in college, you don’t know what you or your child can expect. How in the world will you know what your student is going through and how to advise them when they call and ask for help?

You don’t have to go it alone. Patrick O’Brien, in the new second edition of “Making College Count,” revised his winning strategies for college students so they would apply to a new generation. As college parents, you should read “Making College Count” so you will know what your student is going through and can help your student when he or she calls. This book is full of college success tips and tricks and serves as a wonderful resource for advice for college parents. It also makes a great high school graduation gift!

The book even comes with a money-back guarantee, which allows you to get the purchase price of the book back if you get it from this site! And if you needed additional endorsements about how this book contains the best information for college students and advice for college parents, “Making College Count” Edition 1 was the best selling college success book OF ALL TIME!

Your student will be impressed that you can talk intelligently about which student organizations to join or how to take “notes notes.” Your student can achieve college success with the advice for college parents that you garner from “Making College Count!”

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